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New York City is the dance capital of the world. People come from all over to perform and show their work here. This is usually accomplished by participating in a dance lab or dance showcase. The only problem being that these showcases charge dancers ridiculous participation, production, and video fees. Worst of all, they take all ticket sales for themselves leaving the participating artists without  a hope of recouping their financial investments. This is a terrible business model. Unfortunately, when it comes to producing dance in NYC, this is THE business model. With ‘The Series’ I am putting forward a better model for presenting dance.

Each dance company that has been selected to participate in ‘The Series’ is treated as an equal business partner. We coordinate and contract the theatre space and staff, the artists create their work, and then we all come together to put on a great show. At the end of the night we split the profits equally amongst ourselves. To be sure, no one is going to get rich off of this model, but perhaps we will all be able to recoup our investments and walk away from the experience with a smile on our faces and satisfaction in our hearts.

Fair play and common decency. There is nothing brilliant about this formula except that it is the best production offer for dance companies in the city. We hope to spread the ideal of this formula; that their is a better way than the old cannibalizing model; that artists should be respected as equal partners when showing their work; that it is possible to share your vision in New York City without going broke. In the meanwhile, we invite you into our space to enjoy a beautiful concert filled with artists from all over the world.

-Juan Michael Porter II; Artistic Director
The Moving Beauty Series