The Dancing Georgina Project; VENUS

The Dancing Georgina Project 
Deconstructing VENUS… a moving female portrait

Kyle Georgina Marsh; Founder & Choreographer
Sunday. June 11th, 2017. 3 PM | The Hudson Guild Theatre
Tickets: $25. General Admission

Photography Credit: Andy Ribner

Deconstructing VENUS… a moving female portrait revels in the architectural grace of the feminine form and all of its flowering beauty, questioning “Is beauty for the sake of beauty enough?”

“I love women and the way that the female body moves; especially within a social construct where they are constantly being objectified, such as an environment like the proscenium stage. Throughout history, flowers have been used as symbols to define the female body, femininity, and fertility. But sometimes a flower is just a flower. Sometimes a beautiful thing is just a beautiful thing; until it isn’t. The types of moments I like to see on stage are romantic, personal, and socially complex. That being said, if all that an audience takes away –  is a moment of beauty – then I am happy.”
-Kyle Georgina Marsh

Tickets to VENUS are available now.

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Photography Credit: Andy Ribner

Kyle Georgina Marsh

Founder & Artistic Director

A wandering citizen of the world, Kyle Georgina Marsh was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised throughout Australia, England, Hawaii, New York,  and India. Currently a Brooklyn based dance artist and Pilates instructor Kyle feels passionately about the power of imagination, movement, and intellectual exchange. The Dancing Georgina Project was formally organized in 2015.

Iris Platt

Founding Member & Collaborator

A founding member of The Dancing Georgina Project (DGP) Iris Platt is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and moved to New York City to pursue Dance and Biology at Marymount Manhattan College in 2010. While an undergraduate student, Iris spent a year studying and performing at The Jerusalem Academy of Music, where she and Marsh met. In addition to her work with the DGP Iris has completed 500-hours of training as a yoga instructor, and is currently a graduate student at Columbia University. Iris’s research in motor learning and neuroscience explores the relationship between movement and the mind.

Shelley White


Shelley White resides in Brooklyn, NY after earning her B.F.A. in dance from Rutgers University.  She is an educator of movement and dance for a few organizations around the area, a yoga instructor, and a dance performer.  She currently performs with Monteleone Dance and The Dancing Georgina Project.

Nelle McCarty


Nell Pattee McCarty hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and has lived in Chicago, New York City, Western Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Nell is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling masters program and an alumni of Rutgers University where she received her bachelors in Dance and Women/Gender studies.  Currently based in Brooklyn, Nell is a practicing counselor and dance/movement therapist with The Department of Correction, has completed over 200-hours of training as a yoga instructor, and is the PR Chair for the New York American Dance Therapy Association.