The Co-Op Auditions

The Moving Beauty Series + Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center present:

The Co-Op

4 Choreographers plus 6 Dancers brought together to create 1 spectacular show.

Premieres: April 15th – 17th, 2016. 8 PM

Williamsburg Movement & Arts Center. 347 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11211

Auditions for The Co-Op

In every production that I have ever worked on- be it as a performer, director, writer, or producer- one edict has always held true: If you hire the right people the work will take care of itself. There are a lot of wonderful dancers out there; unfortunately not all of those artists are equally responsible or accountable. To make sure that I was able to enjoy this process as much as the participating creators I put a lot energy into vetting those who might be interested. It is not enough to be talented and interested- one also has to be capable of working as a team and efficiently. 

 Choreographers were required to submit a 15 question application which asked for sincere responses rather than canned academic answers. When I created this application I specifically wrote: “Do not resort to academic verbalise. I want to hear your true voice as an artist, whether I agree with it or not, as opposed to what you THINK I want to hear”.
Artists with compelling work and engaging applications were invited in for interviews during which they were I spoke to them, gave them experiments with prompts, and asked them to speak about their artistic and production experience. From this group of invited choreographers, I narrowed the group down to 8 who were then invited to show me and my partner how they worked with dancers. These work sessions for the choreographers were conducted through open rehearsals, during which each dance maker worked with a group of 18 invited dancers for 45 minutes to show their process of developing work. These dancers were unknown to the choreographers ensuring that we would be able to see how each choreographer made use of time while responding to the challenge of the unknown.

The Open Rehearsal; Winter Session I from WMAAC on Vimeo.

Open Rehearsal; Winter Session II from WMAAC on Vimeo.

Auditions for the dancers were intense. Beyond their ability to pick up and retain material, the dancers were also asked to work with each other to transform the work that had been assigned to them while we observed their ability to perform and execute effective teamwork. Following two rounds of call backs we invited in a final group and then observed their first week of rehearsals before making our official offer of joining The Co-Op.

The Co-Op Audition from WMAAC on Vimeo.

Dance Vignettes; Co-Op Auditions from WMAAC on Vimeo.