The Moving Beauty Series proudly presents:

 Mari Meade Dance Collective

Mari Meade Montoya

Artistic Director. Choreographer.

Mari Meade Dance Collective  performs Tuesday March 10th, 2015 in The Series.

MMDC (Mari Meade Dance Collective), a dance theater company known for its quirky dissection of both human and animal relationships. Brood III and the Interloper, which premiered as a part of Danspace Project’s Dance: Access series, is a piece by choreographer Mari Meade that draws from sources as radically varied as cicada mating rituals, the art of Mark Rothko and the music of Dawn of Midi. In this loosely narrative-based work, an outsider discovers a strictly hierarchical, previously unknown world and must convince its inhabitants- alternately disinterested and combative-that her presence is more than a careless disruption of their fragile ecosystem.


Mari Meade Montoya

Mari Meade Montoya (artistic director, MMDC) is a choreographer fascinated by anthropological research, repetition, rhythm, and character development. Her work is often slyly humorous or irreverent, and collaboration—both with her dancers and other artists (actors, writers, costume, and lighting designers)—is an integral part of her process. She received her BFA from North Carolina School of the Arts. In New York, she has worked with Dana Salisbury and the No-See-Ums, Korhan Basaran, Amanda Hinchey, CJ Holm, and Celia Rowlson-Hall. Mari Meade has taught classes at Dance New Amsterdam, KAS Art Exhibition (South Africa), Idyllwild Arts Academy, Asheville Fringe Festival (NC), Dance Complex (Boston), and is currently a teaching artist for New York City Ballet. She founded MMDC in 2009 after receiving the Kenan Fellowship at Lincoln Center Institute.

Allison Beler

Alison is from from Metairie, Louisiana. She earned a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a founding company member of MMDC and has also danced with TrioDance Collective under Barbie Diewald. She’s excited to take part in MMDC’s first evening-length work!

Dia Dearstyne

Dia began dancing in her hometown of Auburn, NY, under the direction of Sean McLeod and the NY Institute of Dance and Education. She holds a BFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Most recently, alongside her work with MMDC, Dia has also been enjoying dancing with Amanda Hinchey and Dancers.

 Breanna Gribble

Breanna graduated manga cum  laude from Southern Methodist University with a BFA in Dance   Performance, BS in Geophysics, and Math minor. She is the Associate Artistic Director of MMDC and a founding member of the company. In addition to dance, Breanna also maintains an exciting career in geology. She formerly worked under the Bloomberg administration for the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation and now works for Louis Berger, an engineering consulting firm on Wall Street as a project manager.

Morgan Hurst

Morgan received her BFA in Dance from SUNY  Purchase in 2014 and graduated with the Bert Terborough Award. She is currently dancing for MMDC, Nimbus Dance Works, Sum Bones, and for various other freelance artists. She has worked with and for creators and   dancers such as Doug Varone, Joanna Kotze, Kyle Abraham, Sidra Bell, John Higginbotham and has done various projects with the Cunningham Trust.

Isaac Owens

Isaac Owens began his dance training at the age of 18. His greatest inspiration is Merce Cunningham. He believes in love.

 Or Reitman

Or is a professional dancer and versatile artist. Born and raised in Israel, Or moved to NYC four years ago to attend the Alvin Ailey school for 2 years. Upon completion, Or has performed for many choreographers such as: Christy Walsh, Karole Armitage, Anabella Lenzu, Daniel Gwirtzman, and many more. Or is currently a company member with MMDC and the Steps on Broadway Repertory Ensemble.

Rachel Rizzuto

Rachel is a founding member of MMDC and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with degrees in Dance and English. She is an editor with Dance Teacher magazine and writes dance reviews for

Misuzu Hara

Misuzu is from Japan. In 2009, she moved to New York. In the United States,she has been working with Jennifer Archibald, OUI Danse, White Wave Dance Company, Jenni Hong Dance, and Mari Meade Montoya. She has also worked with Nathan Trice, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Oliver Steele, Max Stone, and among others.

Marc Witmer

Marc Witmer (costumer designer) studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he received numerous design awards and spent his summers learning more about the fashion industry through various internships in New York. In 2003, Marc moved to New York where he currently lives and works. After close to a decade working with and learning from some of New York’s finest designers, he decided it was time to launch his own collection. Marc and Mari have been collaborating since 2009.