Kizuna 絆 Dance

The Moving Beauty Series proudly presents:

 Kizuna 絆 Dance

Cameron McKinney

Artistic Director. Choreographer.

Kizuna 絆 Dance performs in The Series on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 with the premiere of ‘Ukiyo’. This work captures the changing spirit of Japan pre-WWII and onward, during which the society entered the Jazz era before marching into a world defined by deep nationalistic fervour and militaristic zeal.

Choreographer Cameron McKinney has created a narrative that is as entertaining as it is dark wherein the viewer is lulled into a sense of fun before realising that they are witnessing historical events which had incredible effects upon the entire world, though filtered through the veil of McKinney’s signature style: Japanese culture through the lens of a hip-hop aesthetic.

 Cameron McKinney

Cameron is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and author from Memphis, TN. He has recently performed with Christal Brown / INSPIRIT, seymour//dance collective, and The Median Movement. He has been commissioned by SpectorDance Studio, and his modern dance choreographic work has been shown in New York and in California, Massachusetts, and Vermont. His hip-hop teaching experience also spans across these four states. Cameron teaches Loft Technique – his own blend of house dance, hip-hop, and modern flow. He speaks Japanese and has studied dance and taught hip-hop internationally in Tokyo, Japan.

Alexandra Vasquez

Alexandra is a dancer/choreographer from New York City, and a student in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at the New School. She studied dance and sociology at Middlebury College, and toured in the Dominican Republic and in the United States with the Dance Company of Middlebury. She has studied with Christal Brown, Tiffany Rhynard, Penny Campbell, and Andrea Olsen, and performed the works of Nicholas Leichter and Teena Marie Custer. Her choreographic research engages what it means to be vulnerable, to perform in front of others, and to release emotions usually suppressed. She presented her most recent work, “Mind/Body”, at the New School’s 2014 Sustainapalooza Student Conference, and draws upon her interest in musical composition to include choreography to original scores.

Alex Tenreiro Theis

Alex is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Elizabeth, Colorado. She attends Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She has had the opportunity to work with or study under Sean Curran, Rashaun Michaels, Giada Ferrone, Pam Pietro, Erika Randall, Kimberly Olson, Donna Mejia, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Paul Gibbons, Autumn Eckman, Nancy Stark Smith, Lauren Beale and Sonya Smith. Alex has had the opportunity to perform Autumn Eckman’s choreography at the Bates Dance festival and Erika Randall’s work ‘Daddy O’ at the Northwestern ACDF Conference Gala. She is excited to continue her residency in New York and to work with Cameron McKinney / Kizuna 絆 Dance.

 Gwendolyn Baum

Gwendolyn, originally from New Jersey, graduated from the Boston Conservatory in May of 2014, Summa Cum Laude, with her B.F.A in Contemporary Dance. There, she performed works by José Limón, Tommy Neblett, Diane Arvanites, Doug Varone, Twyla Tharp, Francesca Harper, and Mark Morris. During her time at the conservatory, she also had the honor of performing for The American College Dance Festival Association’s national conference at the Kennedy Center, in Washington D.C., and premiered two original choreographic works on the Boston Conservatory Mainstage. In addition, she has studied at programs hosted by the American Repertory Ballet, David Dorfman Dance, and Bates Dance Festival. Since her graduation, she has been involved with projects commissioned by The Moving Beauty Series, performed with Dante Brown| Warehouse Dance, and has joined Kizuna Dance Company.

Mateo Melendez

Mateo began dancing at age of 12 when hip-hop caught his attention. By the age of 15 began teaching hip hop classes. He graduated in May 2014 from University of Hartford’s Hartt School Dance Division to pursue a B.F.A. in Dance Performance. In the   past four years he has been cast in classic works such as Jose Limon’s “There is a Time” and Martha Graham’s “Dark Meadow”, which were staged by former company members Nina Watt and Peggy Lyman. Mateo also played the part of Petrushka in the reworking of the ballet “Petrushka” by Stephen Pier, originally choreographed by Michel Fokine. Mateo also had the opportunity to work with contemporary choreographers Greg   Dolbashian, Shannon Gillen-Lipinski, Loni Landon, and Charlotte Griffin. He also   choreographed and filmed his own work “Darkest Mind Illuminated” on Hartt School   dancers and in collaboration with the composer Adam Lenz. He is currently pursuing both a career in performance and in choreography.

Chelsea Escher

Chelsea is a New York City based dancer, performer and teacher. A graduate of Roger Williams University with two degrees in Dance and Performance Studies and Public Relations, Chelsea incorporates the two by doing development and publicity for the arts. She currently works as the Administrative Assistant for Abrons Arts Center and teaches all of the ballet classes there. Chelsea danced competitively and trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and modern. At RWU she discovered her passion for modern   dance and dance as an art form. Her energy is grounded in performance, and Chelsea strives to continue balancing the various movement vocabularies she is trained in. Her performances have taken her along the East Coast and also to the UK, where she has participated in a dance film with local artists and reconnected with Brazilian choreographer Jean Abreu. She has attended the Rockette Summer Intensive for many years, the American College Dance Festival and Bates Dance Festival. Chelsea is extremely honored to be with Cameron McKinney/Kizuna Dance and aspires to connect and perform with many more artists.

César Francisco Aragón

César recently graduated from the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla, México with a B.A. in Dance. He recently moved to NYC, where he keeps training in different styles such Afro-Caribbean, Ballet and Modern dance. César likes to combine his gymnastics and Mexican Folklore Dance background with his dance. He has won scholarships to the Bates Dance Festival and the Joffrey Ballet Intensive summer. He is excited about collaborating with and learning from other NYC-based. He has had the opportunity to perform with different choreographers such as Ray Schwartz, Bridgman & Packer, Mayra Morales, Karen de Luna Fors, Take Ueyama, Francisco Carrera, Charlotte Griffin and José Zamora.


Brianna Dixon

Brianna Dixon, a Rochester, NY native, recently graduated from Hofstra University with a B.A. in Dance. While at Hofstra, Brianna had the opportunity to work with a range of talented and renowned choreographers, including Terry Creach, Nathan Trice, Robin Becker, and Maxine Steinman. After graduating, Brianna has already been blessed to work with The Median Movement, Neshamah, and now Kizuna Dance, and she cannot wait to see what else the future holds!

Yeager Anderson; Composer

Yeager is a freelance photographer, videographer, and sound designer. He majored in Theatre at Middlebury College, where he currently works as digital intern for the Department of College Advancement. In his free time he loves dancing, playing piano, and drinking coffee. You can find out about him and his adventures by visiting his website at