Beauty in Motion


The Moving Beauty Series presents:

Beauty in Motion;  the choreographer’s concert

Friday February 27th, 2015. 8 PM

at The Secret Theatre

Tickets: $15.00 General Admission

 $12.00 Students & Artists

featuring individual pieces from choreographers: Robert Mark Burke, Brinda Guha/Kalamandir Dance Company, Javier Padilla, Katie Mattar & Genna Carey, Nikki Theroux, with a premiere from guest choreographer Sunhwa Chung/Ko-Ryo Dance Theater,


Joe Monteleone/Monteleone Dance in a full company concert debut.


Beauty in Motion is a kind of auditioning platform for artists who would like to collaborate further with The Moving Beauty Series but who as of yet do not possess a substantial body of work. By presenting shorter works from these artists we are able to gather a feel for who they are before we go on to produce them in longer former concerts. Artists with whom we have worked in this capacity before stepping onto larger platforms include DoubleTake Dance, Alison Cook Beatty, Perception Dance Company, Animal Mechanical, Jennifer Archibald, and many others.

For this concert, Associate Director and Curator for The Moving Beauty Series, Carolina Rivera, has selected a deliciously eclectic evening in terms of style. Despite the wild variety, the evening is pleasantly balanced and most importantly comforting in that it is filled with talented choreographers who have already developed their artistic voices. To offset the presence of so many emerging choreographers, we have invited veteran choreographer, Sunhwa Chung, to premiere a duet.

The second act of this evening showcases the professional debut of the dazzlingly oddball choreographer Joe Monteleone and his dance company, Monteleone Dance. A recent graduate from Rutgers, Mr. Monteleone is already on his way to making a grand stand as a choreographer and company director. He has a keen mind that grasps all influences and transforms them into scrumptious bites for his work. He would be intimidating if he weren’t so charmingly engaging and entertaining to watch.

We are beyond excited to use this concert event as a tasty precursor for what is to come in the following two weeks with The Split/Bills of The Series. We look forward to hearing what you think of the show.