Michael Mao Dance


Michael Mao Dance

 Michael Mao

artistic director & choreographer


Following his own accomplished dance career, Michael Mao transformed New England Dinosaur into Michael Mao Dance and relocated from Boston to New York City, where he has maintained offices at City Center since 1993.

To date, Mr. Mao has crafted over 60 ballets which have been critically hailed and presented to popular international acclaim as well as across The United States. The current repertoire for Michael Mao Dance includes:


Still Night

Set to Arvo Part’s Stabat Mater, Still Night sends waves of bodies rushing past a woman who comes to terms with her faith as she approaches the moment of death.

12 dancers | 7 women & 5 men | 24 minutes in length


Using the high energy percussive drums of Kodo, Mao sets two couples weaving back and forth amongst one another until all reach a climatic charge.

4 dancers | 2 women & 2 men | 11 minutes in length


Mendelssohn’s 6 Children’s Songs are brought to life through Mao’s uncanny rendering of children at play. The dancers laugh, create games, and ultimately grow up together in this tender portrait of harmonious community.

7 dancers | 4 women & 3 men | 8 and a half minutes in length


Birds in flight leave no lines across the sky, but as brought to life by Mao’s Migrations, they paint an almost spiritual portrait of what it is to keep moving forward. It could almost be an ode to the original immigrants who migrated here from Europe in search of a better life.

12 dancers | 6 women & 6 men | 20 minutes in length

China Moves

 As part of an ongoing collaboration with the innovative award-winning composer Huang Ruo, Mao has crafted a mad-cap rumble of zany bouncing shapes across the stage. 

8 dancers | 4 women & 4 men | 20 minutes in length

Written On The Wind

Huang Ruo composed this bewitching aria in a language that he made up himself and Michael Mao transformed it into a haunting, yet magical story of ecstasy on multiple levels

3 dancers | 2 women & 1 man | 12 minutes in length

Lorca Libre

Using the romantic poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, Mao evokes the passion and beauty of Spain in a suite of dances that ruminate on everything from love & death to a zesty romp at the beach.

6 dancers | 3 women & 3 men | 21 minutes in length


The many loves of this mans life appear before him in Michael Mao’s lush rendering of Beethoven’s Adagio Quartet # 10.

5 dancers | 4 women & 1 man | 12 minutes in length

Tidal Moon

The poems of longing written by Chen Qigang are brought to life in this abstract rendering by Michael Mao.

6 dancers | 3 women & 3 men | 13 minutes in length