Kilowatt Dance Theater; The Lowdown

Kilowatt Dance Theater || The Lowdown Dance Me On And On
Jaime Shannon; Artistic Director & Choreographer
Wednesday. June 7th, 2017. 8 PM | The Hudson Guild Theatre
Tickets: $25. General Admission

Photography Credit: Darial Sneed, courtesy of Battery Dance Festival

THE SERIES 2017 presents Kilowatt Dance Theater in an evening of dance that breaks through the day-to-day doldrums! Set to the rebellious music of the Blues and Swing era Jazz, the company is excited to get down and frisky in this new work that has had audiences dancing down in the ailses with glee. Kilowatt Dance Theater performs The Lowdown and Dance Me On And On at The Hudson Guild Theatre on Wednesday, June 8th, 2017 at 8 PM in a contrasting Split Bill concert with Michael Mao Dance.

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Photography Credit: Jamie Kraus, courtesy of Jacobs Pillow Dance

The concert features two energizing works using choreographer, Jaime Shannon’s unique blend of concert dance and social dancing to tell a timeless story through the magic of blues & jazz!

The Lowdown focuses on the music that was coming out of the post swing era. Featuring pieces by Sonny Boy Williamson and John Lee Hooker, this bash dives into the emotional complexity of its music’s diverse rhythms.

Dance Me On And On takes a sensuous look at internal desire and longing through a set of choreographed daydreams.  These fantasy moments switch back and forth with real life, leaving the characters of Dance Me On And On wondering, “Which is more essential?”

The dancers of Kilowatt Dance Theater include: Jaime Shannon, Kevin Clark, Elena Valencia, Elyse Sparks, Tim Abrahamson, Richard Kurtzer, & Sarah Panayiotou.

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Jamie Shannon

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Jaime Shannon is a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher specializing in contemporary, jazz, and swing dancing.  Jaime has performed professionally with Azul Dance Theatre, Dance Cat-Alyst, Soluq Dance Theater, Lauren Hale Dance, and Kelley Donovan and Dancers.  In 2010 Jaime met Tony Fraser and together, they quickly became a dynamic partnership in the swing dance community.  Together they have performed and taught various styles of swing dance throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.  In 2014, Jaime and Tony brought swing dancing to the concert dance world by creating Kilowatt Dance Theater.

Kilowatt Dance Theater

Kilowatt Dance Theater is a jazz dance company based in New York City. Since its inception in 2014, they have created works that specialize in the early roots of Jazz dance such as Swing, Lindy hop, Shag, Charleston, and Blues. These early styles of jazz are uniquely woven in with more contemporary dance techniques of today. The blend of movement along with the powerfully expressive themes they generate, creates a truly original experience for the audience. The electric energy and intensity of the dancers has quickly been gathering attention at some of the countries most prominent dance festivals.  Kilowatt Dance Theater has performed the past three summers at Jacob’s Pillow’s Inside Out Series,  as well as the Battery Dance Festival, Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing, and The NY Jazz Choreography Project.