Depth Dance; Leftovers

Depth Dance || Leftovers
Ellen Sickenberger; Artistic Director & Choreographer
Saturday. June 10th, 2017. 2 PM | The Hudson Guild Theatre
Tickets: $25. General Admission

THE SERIES 2017 presents Leftovers, a world premiere contemporary concert work choreographed by Ellen Sickenberger on Saturday June 10th, 2017 at 2:00 PM. Performed by Ms. Sickenberger’s company, Depth Dance, to original compositions by Ankit Suri and Mark McDonald, Leftovers will have its premiere as part of a Split Bill concert with Mook Dance Company at The Hudson Guild Theatre.

Set in an underground world not unlike New York City’s subway system, Leftovers features a cast of 5 dance artists excavating the remains of unanswered questions. Inspired by actual conversations overhead late at night on the subway, these leftover thoughts take on a viscerally affecting texture as the dancers of Depth Dance fully embody their meaning. Imagine the effect that we on each other, as if that effect were an impossible to remove stain; now imagine the effect of every word you’ve ever heard on your daily commute and how those words have stained you as well.

The dancers of Depth Dance include: Erke Roosen, Sarah Kleinke, Graziella Murdocca, Gabriella Sibeko, & Margaret Jones.

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Industrial spirals capture the spirits of the bustle
Remnants of the collective
The breeze full of loose ends;
A half-eaten burrito
America’s guts spill out
It’s insides coating patches of earth around it
Industrial cracks capture the guts of the bustle
Messy insides, messy minds
The air is shoved back and forth from opposite ends of the tunnel
Bits of waste endlessly shuffling
Leaving a layer on its creators
The creators get caught in the bustle of the bustle
“Look at my guts”
“Accept my waste”
Expectations rip on barbed wire
Ideas get shoved underground
Fights linger on the brick walls
Hopes morph to match the space
Leftovers that we get to share

Ellen Sickenberger

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Ellen Sickenberger (Artistic Director) is a professional dance artist residing in Brooklyn. Since gaining her BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University, she has had the pleasure of dancing for many NYC-based artists such as Freddie Moore, Janice Rosario, Bryn Cohn, Yoshito Sakuraba, and Nadine Bommer. Ms. Sickenberger currently performs with Smashworks Dance Collective, of bones || Hollye Bynum, and Dante Brown|Warehouse Dance. Her work has been described as “hauntingly beautiful” and “captivatingly chilling” by Broadway World.